Calvary Managua News June 2014

It has been a busy year at Calvary Chapel Managua so far, full of the blessings of God! Shortly after Cal and Jessie returned from their annual Christmas/New Years trip to the states, Cal began preparing for a baptism  and on March 2, we held a baptism for five ladies from our church. It is always a blessing to see the people from the church growing in their walk with the Lord!

Also in February, we began our new school year. We are grateful to God that we were able to keep the same wonderful director and team of teachers except for a new English teacher. In the midst of some tough financial times, they agreed to put off a salary raise in order to help ensure the school stays open. At that time, we also began a student sponsorship program.

In March, we were privileged to host one team and two short-term missionaries. The first missionary was Bryan Randolf, a dentist who comes annually to work with the members of our church. He was with us for three days, during which time he was able to help numerous adults and children with cavities and cleaning.

The March team came from Calvary Chapel Merritt Island. They were able to begin a project requested by the teachers at our school – to paint the metal bars on the windows as well as the metal gate. They also were able to help with some other smaller projects, including repairing some tables, some electrical work, and some organizing. One individual in particular completely cleaned out and reorganized one of our storage containers; that was a huge blessing! Perhaps most importantly, however, one member in particular took pictures of all of the students individually to help our new student sponsorship program. Besides all the projects they completed, they also were able to go out evangelizing regularly in several nearby neighborhoods.

While the team was working hard on maintenance projects and evangelism, we also had another short-term missionary named Doug Selby, who comes regularly to help with electrical projects and to bring supplies. This time, he was helping us examine how we might make some of our power come from a small wind turbine on the roof.

April was a challenging month. It started off beautifully, including a special creation project completed by the students of our school. On April 10th, however, Managua experienced a fairly strong earthquake (measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale) that put the country on red alert for Semana Santa (Holy Week – the week leading up to Easter). Due to numerous aftershocks and increased levels of seismic activity, the red alert continued for several weeks. Indeed, for nearly a week the ground never seemed to stop rolling and shaking. Many people were scared, and schools were closed for three weeks (not including the vacation week). During this time, we were able to host a special prayer meeting for the people from our church, and for their families. We also were able to host a team from Calvary Chapel Camarillo.

The school closings afforded the Camarillo team the opportunity to finish the painting project started by the Merritt Island team and put on an impromptu Vacation Bible School. While the ladies finished painting the metal at the school, the guys made the small wind turbine for the roof to get that project started. The team also hosted a special women’s event which included a teaching by Elvia Gonzalez followed by pedicures for everyone – quite an undertaking as there were nearly 60 women in attendance. Perhaps the biggest blessing of the night was how quickly and willingly several of our own local church members got involved in ministering to their peers! The team also hosted a special men’s event and went out evangelizing several times. Some of the women also got to help prepare for the wedding of two of our newer members: Natalia and Elvis.

On May 5th, Natalia and Elvis held a traditional wedding ceremony in the church. They had completed their legal ceremony two weeks prior. (In Nicaragua, church weddings are not legal and are considered more a celebration of thanks to the Lord.) It was the first church wedding ceremony we’ve had since Pastor Cal and Jessie celebrated their marriage 5 years ago – very exciting!

May also saw the arrival of a medical team from Calvary Chapel Oldbridge, the beginning of a new Wednesday night program, and a special celebration for Nicaragua’s Mother’s Day. The medical team did a great job of healing bodies and ministering to hearts. People were prayed for at every station. Twenty five people prayed to accept the Lord with Pastor Francisco and we are not sure how many accepted at the other stations.


About four weeks ago we began a new method of ministering to our church members on Wednesday evenings. We are still working through the Old Testament verse by verse; but instead of a traditional teaching, after worship we sit in a circle and discuss the passage for that evening. It has been a beautiful opportunity for people who are normally quiet to share the wisdom God has given them, and it has also been a time to answer questions and to enjoy more intimate fellowship. We are grateful that God has inspired this idea, and we are looking forward to seeing how it continues.

In Nicaragua, Mother’s Day was on Friday, May 30th. The school hosted a special Mother’s Day event on Thursday since Friday was a holiday, and the church hosted one on Saturday. Mother’s Day is huge in Nicaragua; it even merits the closing of banks and government offices! We had a number of women in attendance who would not normally attend church, and so it was a great opportunity to evangelize. After a time of worship, the youth performed a skit and Luz Marina shared a message. We finished the night off with a bit of fun raffling off food baskets and umbrellas! As always, it was such a blessing to see our local leaders step up and organize such a beautiful event.


Feb 2014

Winter News 2014 from Calvary Chapel Managua, Nicarugua


In September we had a great team from CC San Juan Capistrano in California. They took

on the huge project of removing the mineral stains and re-coating our rock wall in the sanctuary. It now looks better than new.

We also took a trip up to San Juan de Limay to minister to the people of the Calvary Chapel in that town. It was a blessing to reconnect with those wonderful people.

We were able to evangelize to the dump people in Barrio Guadalupe.

Many also helped to repaint some areas of the church.

The Lord really used this team and we are grateful for their good attitude to serve.



Carolina sings

We are excited to be in the new calendar year and also the beginning of a new school year here in Managua. It has been a fast few months since we celebrated the graduation of last year’s classes in November. Carolina, our school principal, and her sister sang several beautiful worship songs and amazed us with their singing abilities. Some of our sixth grade students have been with us for years so it is hard to see them go. The school continues to be a huge blessing to the community and the main focus of our evangelism efforts. The Bible is taught every week in classes as well as at morning devotionals Monday and Friday.

In November, the leaders went to attend a very blessed pastors/leaders conference in Antigua, Guatemala. The Holy Spirit ministered to all of us through His Word.

Also in November, Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills sent a small team down that was used in beautiful ways. Ken & Lindsey Krikac and Jim and Pat Henneforth were a huge blessing to many. Jim and Pat taught a seminar on parenting, and the question and answer time was surprisingly lively.

Pastor Ken is a department chaplain for Orange County California, and we were very surprised by the open doors and eagerness of the local fire fighters to receive counsel and God’s Word. Norman Urbina accompanied us to translate at our most important meeting at the main fire station.

We are praying for future opportunities to return to the local stations and do further ministry, perhaps even start a local chaplaincy program if God provides. Lindsey and Pat helped out at the school with the English class while the men went to visit the firefighters.

In December, the youth put together a wonderful Christmas Program along with a Gospel presentation by John Scelsi. The Lord has gifted us with many talented brothers and sisters who take joy in serving here.

The teachers pitched in and helped paint the outside of the classrooms. Carolina’s husband Lester did some dry wall repairs. They are both bilingual and Spirit filled believers, and we are blessed to have them as part of our ministry.

We are beginning a new Sponsor a Student program to ensure that the school can continue to serve the community here. If you would like to participate, you can send an email to:

With love in Christ,

Cal and Jessie Stuebner


What’s New? Calvary Chapel Managua News August through October!

Well hello all!!! Greetings From Calvary Chapel Managua! We managed to gather up some photos to clue everyone in on a little of what God has been doing in our ministry these past few months. How time flies!

We treated our youth to a missions trip of their own! Fun times in San Juan De Limay filled with:

Mountain Retreats for prayer…

Bible Teaching for the youth of San Juan de Limay…

Puppet shows teaching powerful truths!

Captivated audiences!

And our amazing worship team! Thanks Guys for all your hard work! Please pray for all of the people that we reached out to through evangelism and bible teaching, that the Word of the Lord would run swiftly and bring many to salvation!

Next up, our school has been growing… not only spiritually as we seek to reach the next generation of Managua through this effort… but in style!

Our talented staff put together a cultural festival to celebrate the beautiful way of life in Nicaragua as well as highlight the history of these beautiful people!

From tales acted out by our children of the Indians and the Españoles…

To the preciousness of the dance and elegance of Nicaragua…

Our Children were not only expressive in great talent, but also exemplified great dress as each played their part to teach the history of their people!

Wow! What an event here! We at Calvary Chapel Managua were so blessed to watch God work wonders that we did not see coming! A women’s ministry event was hosted by Steve and Kathy Bailey, and God brought far more than we thought we anticipated! The men stepped up and served the local women bravely…

While Kathy took the time to teach and preach, reaching out to impact lives for Jesus Christ. What an amazing ministry this was! Great work!

People with a heart to reach others for Christ are so needed in these times. We watched in awe as Calvary Chapel Chelmsford brought a mixed team down of youth and adults and completely rocked lives for Christ.

The genuine heart of this group to fulfill the Great Commission through the Greatest Commandment shined ever more brightly as they showered the people of Nicaragua with the Love of the Gospel.

Para Los Niños!!! Amazing. Cute. Fun. Face Painting. Games. but… that’s not all… the Word of God is active and moving, alive and sharper than any two edged sword… and all of the kids at this youth event just got sown with the seed of the Gospel.

We completed the party of Bible trivia and prizes, balloon animals and games with what every kid wants, the candy of a Piñata all over the floor! Thankfully the Word went out and the lives of many young people were touched… which of these may be the next great man or woman of God to be raised to life through the Gospel of Jesus Christ? We don’t know yet, but we know Who does know! Please keep in prayer all of our efforts to touch lives through the Love of Christ and bring people into the knowledge of the Truth, Jesus.